Friday, October 24, 2014

Term 4

Holy Crap, Term 4 is over already! That means only two more terms then I graduate! Anways, crazyness aside, it was an awesome term. We had a major focus on our streams this term, so for me that meant a ton of animation! We had one class where we created animation shorts in one class period where we were given whole weeks to do previously. Then we also got into full swing into our demo reels.
I'll show some of the Animation exercises we were able to do in class:
You would be surprised at how difficult a balloon is to animate; they don't move like normal objects!

 I also got a chance to animate a quadruped, it is a little different than a human walk cycle. There are two more legs to deal with. It was still fun!
For our last assignment we were to animate our quadruped running, all I have to say is that tail is dang annoying but I had fun and turned it into a fox :)

Near the end of Term 3 I decided that Layout played into my storyboarding and illustration skills; so that I wanted to pursue it further. So my focus turned more toward layout and animation kinda took second place. Also, during this term we met with industry professionals that went over our demo reels with us on a weekly basis to help us get more focused. So what was awesome is that the school brought in a professional Layout Artist for one of the mentors. I got to pick her brain every week to know more about the industry. It was Amazing!

With my mentor I was able to lock down a pretty solid animatic, before the end of the term. So that I was given the option to try another animatic or continue with the animation of the animatic. I decided to continue with the animation to the end. That way I can showcase my skills in Layout and also animation.

So to finish off the blog I will post the first version of my demo reel storyboards. I want you to know that everything in the reel has changed... seriously I think the only thing that is the same from the original is the theme (which has been tweaked) and the asset. Enjoy :)

That is really how productions go; they start off in one form but by the time it is finished it is completely different from what is was. Don't believe me, go check out the original story of Star Wars.
alright, till next post :)

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