Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Last Summer Project

So my boss got so excited about all the projects I was working on and see how well I was able to execute all of them, she brought me over to one area of the library where there were three pillars and she told me I was completely free to do whatever I wanted to these pillars. So I thought of using quotes on reading and adding to scenes from childhood tales or stories. I also have always admired the style of the vintage silhouettes, so I tried that style. It turned out great, took a bit longer and more experimenting then I thought I was getting into but I am happy how they turned out and also I heard that many of the librarians were fighting over who would get them when they are taken down at the end of the semester.

I love the story of Cinderella, that and it was fun designing out her dress.

I had to have an image for the guys, so here it is, taken straight from the story of sleeping beauty, at least the Disney version.

This last image I just loved because it was just fun to do and the story of Alice is so readily recognizable. Later one librarian told me that I should illustrate a whole children's book in this style and she already promised she would buy it. I really do love this style but I am trying to perfect another, you never know where life will take you.

The next summer project

So with the success of the first project, my boss and a couple of other librarians decided that they wanted to use me for a couple of other projects around the library and there was one area of the library that had windows lining the wall but the problem was the students when sitting at the desk stared right through the windows at the other students sitting across from them. We didn't want the poor students to feel as if they were in a fish tank (don't tap the glass :)). So the library director approved for contact paper to be put up and it was my job to make it pretty. So I cut out stencils and created the effect of etched glass. Turned out pretty impressive and the students wont feel as if someone were staring at them.

Summer Job

So during the summer, I worked for the university library. Starting out doing the dregs work of any college student working for the college, but then one day my boss discovered that I was an artist when I drew a couple of my colleagues for the fun of it. Well this discovery allowed me to be in charge of the bulletin board next to one of the exits of the library. My boss said I was free to do what I liked so I tried the ripped paper style and after showing her a couple of my quick sketches I was able to produce the image below, which will be shown all semester. I had a ton of fun with this project and it allowed me to experiment with a new style.