Thursday, March 20, 2014

30 min a day of drawing

So I'm going to challenge myself to become better at drawing in photoshop, so what I've decided to do was a simple exercise where I draw a comic page for 30 minutes each day and see what will happen. I will only give myself 30 minutes cause this way I can't fiddle around with the tablet and keep second guessing a line. Also, I've been wanting to finish/start this comic for some time.

I did have one version started on real paper but it didn't get anywhere and I kinda abandoned the project; but I really would like to revisit it. So good subject matter and this way I'll actually get some work posted here.
I will try to do this for one month, cause I have the time now, as aposed to in a month so. here goes:

First, I estalished the look of the characters. At least their basic shape and form. I will probably play around with them a bit more but here they are:
You have your hero, the mentor/guide, and the trickster/rogue. Conflict is set in the story, basic man vs self. With the occasional man vs man and man vs nature.

These are rough cause I did them in 30 minutes and it is going to continue to be rough especially since I'm not hugely comfortable drawing with the tablet.

In any case, here I go.

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