Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Volunteering and Stuff

So, just so that you all don't think I'm slacking, I have actually been volunteering and also working for a foot doctor's business. I volunteered to do some graphic art for the local Guild School, mainly their adds for the Penny drive and their 'Smiles' Campaign. Here is the logo I worked on:

It is supposed to be like a penny for the penny drive. My friend who works at the guild school really liked it and I am glad it was what they were looking for.

I also redesigned a website for the Family Foot Center, a local Foot Doctor's Office. There is still some tweaking to do on it but I like it a whole lot better then how it was before.
You can check it out at

So that is up to date for me I need to finish this weeks illustration and I will post that here soon.

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