Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Narrative Illustration Anamatic

Toadz from Cyndil Tanner on Vimeo.

This video was a lot of fun to create but it took longer then I thought it would but I learned a ton. The music was done by Voicemale, Bolero. I am planning on continuing to create videos like this one. It definitely is a trial run, but it is a start. For this project we had to create a minimum of one minute animatic. I have never done this before and I also have never used any film editing software, thankfully a couple months prior to this assignment I bought Avid, an editing software. I still needed to learn how to use it though, but with no sleep: amazing things can be accomplished. I did get a little carried away and sadly because of limited time I had to draw in photoshop; which I hate.
The good news is I finished the project and am now on my way to finishing more.
The video picks up after my storyboard, where Armide goes to see a master witch, whom Armide hopes will help her become the witch she wants to be. My favorite part is at the end where Repunsel gets her hair stuck, it is hard to tell because the timing is a bit off but I love it. In my later videos it will be better.
Enjoy and expect more great things!

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