Sunday, June 1, 2014

Animation Stream..Personality walk

So after much debate and serious swaying of my preferences, I have decided that I should pursue the Animation stream at my school. Mainly because VFX holds no interest for me even if I can do it easily; and modeling is still in the love hate stage of our relationship. I love making things move, gain life, and uphold a personality. That and it falls under the sequential Art bit that I have been pursuing for quite some time.

Speaking of personality, here is my 2D personality walk:

For class we had to record ourselves moving in a not so normal way and we got to choose how we walked. Many people chose to walk like zombies or drunks or plain crazy. I went to the chicken and kept with it. Yay Chickens! We recreated this walk in 2D and 3D. As part of our passport film to continue in our program. I'm only showing the 2D cause I don't know if this blog can support two videos. I did have fun making this one. It was difficult cause the walk was more of a hop but I figured out the timing and arcs okay.

So here I go full throttle into Animation. Wish me luck :)